saturday december 8, 2018-

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Case opens at 10:45 | All entrees out by 11:15 | First come First Serve BASIS

salads and sides

sweet potato farro. kale. goat cheese. red onion. pepitas (v)

caprese orzo. heirloom tomato. pesto. balsamic glaze. (v)

cauliflower rice. watermelon radish. avocado. apples. sunflower seeds. (vegan/gf)

hearts of palm. heirloom tomato. red onion. avocado. cucumber. lime. basil. (vegan/gf)

roasted beets. citrus. fennel. mint. orange tarragon vinaigrette. (gf/df/vegan)

broccoli slaw. toasted almonds. red onion. cranberries. (gf/v)

roasted sweet potato. poblano peppers. (gf/df)

Mexican kale. black beans. corn. watermelon radish. pepitas. red cabbage. jicama. avocado. cotija cheese. Mexican vinaigrette. (gf/v)

fruit salad (gf/df/vegan)

lemon roasted vegetables. (gf/df/vegan)

vegan chickpea. celery. golden raisins (gf/df/vegan)

kale caesar. heirloom tomato . cucumber . parmesan (gf/v)

power tuna salad . sunflower seeds . apples . grained mustard (gf/df)

chicken salad .  grapes . celery (gf)


sweet corn bisque(gf/v)

turkey chili (gf/df)

parker-house rolls. 



panko fried chicken

harvest chicken

turkey sweet potato meatballs. (df)

quinoa & cauliflower cakes (v)

sweet potato cakes. 

quesadilla of the day.

grilled beef tenderloin. 

Freezer Case


tuscan white bean, kale, and sausage (gf)

coconut sweet potato (gf/df/vegan)

cream of mushroom (v)

sumac roasted sweet potato (gf/df/vegan)

meals to go

Italian stuffed shells with ricotta and spinach



four cheese.

tomato basil mozzarella. 



christmas shortbread

sugar cookie bars with American buttercream

peanut butter blossom

chocolate cupcake

gf/df peanut butter

chocolate chip

dark chocolate salty oat

krispy swirl

brownies (reg/gf)

our classic (almond) fairytales (reg/gf)

assorted raw treats

Moveable feast is a neighborhood cafe + catering company that brings artisanal cooking from our kitchen to your table. We responsibly source our ingredients from local growers to create seasonal salads, sandwiches, meals to-go + fresh baked pastries. Every dish we prepare is made from scratch daily, using food that nourishes + supports our community.